China Visa


* Account Maintenance Certificate with bank statement last six months.

* 2 Photograph 2×2 in white background (China Formate Mate Finish Paper).

* Original passport with more than six months validity attach previous passport if any.

* Travel Agency undertaking on letter head.

* Fresh applicant must be appearance in china embassy.

* Police Character Certificate ( Attested Ministry of Foreign Affair & Notary Public ).

* Request Letter for embassy on company letter head with visiting card.

* National Tax No (NTN Certificate).

* Chamber of Commerce Certificate.

* Valid CNIC Copy.

* Family Detail.

Note: All Visa charges are non-refundable in case of Visa reject or delay by visa issuing authority. Single Entry Visa travel validity 03 months, stay validity as per China Immigration.

Visa processing time 30 working days.
  • VISA CHARGES: – PKR 52,000/-

    Payment is to be made in Advance.